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Traditional Wisdom of our Ancestors

Nourishing Tables cooking classes focuses on preparing nutrient dense, healthy foods to nourish your family. Traditional foods are the real, whole, unprocessed ingredients of our ancestors’ kitchens. These simple foods nourished us for centuries, before modern food processing turned our health upside down.

Simply put, traditional foods are those in their most natural state, unadulterated and unrefined. It is these real, whole, nourishing foods enjoyed for generation upon generation that provide the cells of our bodies with the necessary fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients needed for vibrant health. This state of well-being is characterized by a quiet and strong digestive system, superior brain function, blissful sleep, sturdy bones, calm mind and an immune function that prevents infection.
Yet, even the idea of making these traditional foods a reality day in and day out in your family life can seem overwhelming, especially to those dependent on the ease of processed foods or limited by tight schedules.
But by taking the right steps, the process of transitioning yourself and your family to a more nourishing way of life can be easier than you imagine.

Nourishing Tables cooking classes uses the traditional wisdom of our ancestors to prepare nutrient dense, real foods that are the foundation of optimal health. Creating meals using local meats, pastured eggs, vegetables, properly prepared grains and legumes, creating cultured vegetables, culturing milk to make kefir, creme fraiche and yogurt, making homemade butter and sourdough bread are the basis of creating healthy food for your entire family that are nurturing, delicious and nutritious. Come learn how EASY it really is to PREPARE AND EAT REAL FOOD.

 Christine Williams will take you set by step, answering questions along the way and helping you bring these traditional foods onto your families tables and into their bellies. Christine is the chapter leader of the Kannapolis Weston A. Price Foundation and a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach.

 Come Join me in these fun hands-on Workshop!

Traditional foods. Whole foods. Nutrient dense.

The Basics of Sourdough Bread and Butter

June 10 12-3

In this class I will teach you how to make your own butter and how to make sourdough bread. You will learn how to start and maintain your sourdough starter and how to use it to make sourdough bread your whole family will love. Students leave with their own loaves, recipe packets, and the knowledge to make bread from scratch. You will also take home your own sourdough starter,  butter made by your own hands, buttermilk as well as all the containers, handouts and recipes that will guide you on your way. You will learn 1 recipe that you can use to make bread, tortillas, cinnamon rolls, buns and sourdough pizza crust – all are recipe’s that my family loves,  along with a FREE Ebook on the proper preparation of soaking and sprouting legumes, nuts, beans, seeds and grain.
This class is hands on taking you step by step, answering questions along the way so you leave feeling confident in preparing these at home.
You will also be tasting some yummy sourdough bread and butter and healthy snacks throughout the class.

Register below- Limited to 6 participants so register early. This one fills up fast.

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Fermentation 101- July 8th 12-3

We will cover the basics of Lacto-fermentation and make 3 quarts for you to take home. Plus- a demonstration on how to make Kombucha. The fermented veggies we will make are, simple sauerkraut, Golden Apple Kraut and Ginger- beet- cabbage kraut. I will also show you how to make your own recipes for variations to these kraut recipes and we will talk about the health benefits of fermented foods as well as the health benefits of the vegetables we are fermenting. All handouts, produce and supplies are included. Culturing starters will be offered for sale. all students will also receive a FREE ebook “The Guide to Understanding Fermentation.”

Register below- Limited to 6 participants so register early.

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Cultured Dairy- August 19th 12-3

This classes focuses on the benefits and the making of cultured dairy products such as Kefir, Yogurt, Buttermilk, Creme Fraiche (sour cream ), and Goat cheese.  You will take home recipes, and a quart of yogurt made by your own hands that you can  enjoy and use for your next several batches of yogurt. All containers are provided as well. The recipe book will cover all the products we made plus a resource list on where to find the healthiest sources for your cultured dairy.  Yummy traditional foods will be served with ample time for questions and discussion. Cultures will also be available for sale.


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