Shine Wellness “Possibilitarian” Tribe

Possibilities create choice, choice creates freedom and freedom allows us to shine brightly our most true Authentic Selves.

~ Christine Williams


Enrollment will open this summer 2018



The Shine Wellness Possibilitarian Tribe is a private community of women who want to step into their full possibility and live healthy empowered lives on their own terms.

Instead of reaching for perfection, we replace judgment with curiosity and pursue health and wellness from a sacred place of compassion, and self-care that includes the whole messiness of life.

We are all shapes and sizes with unique dreams and goals and we honor the beauty within each other. 

You are invited to…

~ Start where you are and define weekly goals that are true to you. Whether your focus is to reclaim your health and energy with healthy food or fitness habits, quiet down that “mean girl” and transform your body image with self-compassion, or engage in self-care that allows you to give from overflow so you can be your most awesome self in your career, your relationships, and your life, It’s all up to you!

~ Move towards your wellness goals with less self-judgment. Give yourself permission to take it one step at a time, exactly as you are each week.  You will create small steps that create BIG changes with support, accountability, and encouragement for lasting mindset shifts. Your path is perfect and you can go at your own pace.

~ Let go of the “I don’t have time to take care of me until everything else is done and everyone else is taken care of” belief. We don’t make time, we make decisions and the best way to take care those you love is to give them your A+ self that is happy, rested and with a full cup. You have permission to take care of YOU!

~ Embrace the TRUTH that you are capable, powerful, stronger than you know, braver than you seem and possibilities are endless.

~ Join a friendly and loving community that holds the space for the highest vision you can dream up to support you in living the life of your dreams. We are not meant to do this work alone.

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Here’s everything you’ll get…

Immediate Access To The Private Facebook Tribe Where All This MAGIC Unfolds.

Weekly Goal Setting And Check -In’s 

The engagement and supportive energy around these check-ins will be empowering, uplifting and also provide the gentle accountability that I believe is crucial to any sustained wellness practice. We all know what to do, we just don’t always follow through, right? This provides that place to create your own goals and get accountability in a loving community. Discussions and comments will be moderated by me on a daily basis to ensure a safe, judgment-free zone.

Weekly Self-Care Challenges

Each week, I’ll share the tricks I’ve learned for bringing self-compassion and curiosity to the wellness journey. These self-love and self-care tools will help you create a positive and nourishing mindset so that you feel encouraged whether you’re having a fantastic week or a not-so-great one. It all matters, and self-compassion is the heart of any wellness practice that creates lasting habits. Perfectionism births procrastination and is self-abuse of the highest order. 

My Weekly Wellness Update

I’ll share my own real path with authenticity. What I’m working on, what I’m doing for my own health and wellness, what is working and what isn’t and my own accomplishments and setbacks. I’m human too! 

Wellness Guests Once A Month

I’ll share with you my favorite and most inspiring guests with you in monthly FB lives.  It’ll be a raw and real conversation full of insight and practical takeaways. Could be my personal coach, my favorite whole food foodie friend, or my own special soul sisters from my personal wellness tribe. These special conversations will be exclusive to this group and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Weekly Facebook Lives: with laser coaching from me around your challenges and obstacles so you can get unstuck fast and keep moving forward. 

This is where the magic, the learning, and the empowerment gets real. Each week I will hold a 1-hour facebook live coaching session with a member or 2 of our tribe who would like to uplevel their wellness goals. We all learn from each other and this is powerful action moving you forward. 


Start giving yourself the care and attention that you give to others and invest in YOU. It’s your time.

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One Month Auto Renew $20 


One Year for $199

(plus, get a free personal 30 min. coaching session)


This is an investment in you, and you’re worth it. We’d love to have you join us.