The wellness programs here at Shine Wellness are designed to NOURISH your whole self with real food and transformational habit change. From learning how to eat a nutrient dense whole foods diet, to self care strategies and creating lasting habit change, I meet you where you are and with what your vision for optimal health might be.


 The RESTART program is part nutritional education and part support group with a sugar detox built right in.

It is a small group program designed to educate you and support you in kicking your sugar and carb cravings to the curb. We meet in person for 6 weeks at my studio in Concord, but I do offer virtual options throughout the year, so check here for the next available class. This class fills quickly so be sure to register early to save your spot.

The 14 day RESET and CLEANSE

Sometimes we need a reset after vacation or during the change of seasons and the 14 Day RESET and CLEANSE supports you in giving your body the extra help it needs to detox, cleanse and get back on track to a healthy eating program. Whether you want to go it alone and just follow my program, or you feel like you would like to join the private Facebook community and have some extra email support and personal one on one coaching, there are options just for you. Click here to learn more about your choices.

Not sure which one to choose to meet your goals?

Schedule a FREE discovery session and we can create some clarity and pick the one that best serves you.