Abundance Basics is a 6 month wellness practice acceleration program to create abundance and freedom in your life and business so you can serve with soul and have a thriving coaching or wellness practice.

Ready to create the income you deserve with a heart-centered serving strategy that WORKS?


Since I launched my wellness practice in 2015, it’s been my desire to create high-touch, heart centered, value-packed, life and business altering ways to serve women wellness entrepreneurs who know they’re here to do big work, make an impact, and create the time & financial freedom to live and lead abundantly.

I know what it’s like to:

  • Be just starting out as a wellness practitioner, with the desire to transform lives in a positive way and have the freedom to enjoy life without the stress and hustle of building a business.

  • Have a limited budget, and take huge leaps to invest in myself and business at the same time.

  • Go through all the trainings, sort through all the expert advice out there that says you have to do this business stuff one particular way and still have no idea where to start or how to create a consistent stream of paying clients.

  • Feel like you have to do it on your own, because you’re just starting out and you don’t have a team behind the scenes to help you.

  • Not being sure where to start and what to focus on to start bringing in income and clients 

  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the TECH and behind the scenes stuff and complicated marketing strategies that didn’t align with the way I wanted to serve my clients. 

  • Struggle with how to price services and programs, and most importantly, ask for and RECEIVE money without feeling “sales-y.”

There is a different way to create success, and Abundance Basics will show you how.

YOU get to create success on YOUR terms with support and guidance from a heart centered wellness entrepreneur who has been there and built a THRIVING wellness practice with the FREEDOM to enjoy life without the stress, struggle or doubt.

We focus on simple systems, repeatable strategy and abundance mindset to help you focus and create .

PLUS the community to support your dreams and a sisterhood to hold the vision with you.


Starts Wednesday October 23, 2019 12:00pm EST

The Investment is $6,000 – $5,000 paid in full early bird discount

(Save $1,000) Use code ABUNDANCE at check out

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For payments you can make a down payment of $1,000 and make 5 additional payments of $997.

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Limited spots are available for this program to insure that everyone receives the highest amount of personal attention in a small group format combined with 1:1 support.


This course is jam-packed with 12 modules, including LIVE video trainings, exclusive access to our private community group, business builders toolkit, curated workbooks, and key weekly action steps to empower you to create success on your terms and harmonize your life. 


Up until now, I’ve only shared this information with my private 1-1 coaching clients, but now it’s open to you in a small group format.

You’ll get personalized attention and 1:1 coaching PLUS an amazing community of soul-filled women wellness entrepreneurs creating and catching their dreams. 

Because this program is only open to 10 highly committed women, grab your spot now and let’s get creating abundance.  


The Investment is $6,000 – $5,000 paid in full early bird discount

(Save $1,000) Use code ABUNDANCE at check out

Pay in full here! 


or for payments you can make a down payment of $1,000 and make 5 additional payments of $997.

Payment Plan 


In this transformational LIVE online course I’ll show you:

How to feel fully sourced and awake to a new way to relate to time, yourself, and your business + personal life with the ability to make choices that deeply serve you and your clients in the way that is most authentic and fulfilling to you.

You will create abundance and freedom while building your wellness practice with soul, flow and ease. 


Who is this program for?

  • The ideal Abundance Basics women is someone who is READY to let go of the excuses and go ALL IN NOW to saying YES to herself and creating the soulful and abundant life she has been dreaming of. 

  • She wants to feel like she’s in control of her life rather than the circumstances being in control of her. And, she’s ready to try a new approach while being open to stepping outside of her comfort zone to learn new tools, and systems to make that happen.

  • She’s the heart-centered conscious entrepreneur wanting to create an abundance mindset, so she can serve with soul and have an income that creates freedom in her life. 

  • She’s the purposeful women who know’s she’s meant for more than what the voice in her head tell her, that judges, doubts and plays small. It’s time to SHINE sister!

  • She’s the impact maker who wants a supportive group of sisters to hold the space to learn and grow and be a change maker.


By the end of the 6 months, you will walk away with a toolkit of soul-filled ways to implement + create the income and make the impact you deeply desire.

 You’ll learn how to:

  • Learn the systems to have in place to attract and enroll paying clients quickly. 

  • Minimize that feeling of overwhelm that can come from having lots of tools in your toolbox but not sure what to use first and when. 

  • Proven methods for maximizing live and online efforts to really grow your offerings and revenue

  • A deep-dive into enrollment calls and proven strategies that will generate a meaningful income in your business

  • Develop clarity and a personal brand that stands out and truly reflects your mission and vision 

  • Simple strategies to recognize and conquer the mental blocks many wellness entrepreneurs experience (including doubt, self-sabotage, and procrastination).

  • And so much more!

There is only space for 10 women who are ALL IN and ready to take action now to launch an abundant and thriving wellness practice. 


Most importantly,You will lay down the foundations and master the basic systems and structures necessary to grow while serving your clients in the way that is most authentic and fulfilling to you.


Here’s what you get when you join the Abundance Basics Program

  • 18 live online classes, all recorded in case you can’t join us live; this is where the magic happens, with support and community to hold the vision and space to help you step into your power.  

  • 18 “Ask Me Anything” Q & A sessions with me each week in the FB group;

  • 12 workbooks that will help you dive deeper into the material I teach in each class;

  • Access to the private Abundance Basics Private Facebook community with other women who will support you and encourage you to catch your dreams;

  • A personal Voxer group for an added layer of support and accountability and inspiration; (PRICELESS)

  • Putting into action the success, and lifestyle essentials using my S.H.I.N.E.! approach. (These are essentials that I return to over and over to help me reset and refocus so I can lead with confidence, energy and vitality. They have worked for me, and I know they will work for you too.) 

  •  Essential Leadership Paradigms that guide you to feel confident, go after your dreams and CATCH them.

  • 2 focused and personalized 90-day business plans to keep you focused, with simple and repeatable actions.

  • Bonus information on how to create a steady stream of clients using Facebook Challenges, How to manage your time and get more done in less time, how to create rhythm and ritual to make sure you are fully sourced, how to price your programs, how to create offers that serve your ideal client and more..

  • Support and accountability

  • Inspiration and motivation

BONUS: EACH MONTH you get a 1:1 (1) hour personal coaching session with Chris for PERSONAL attention and guidance.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I wait and do the LIVE program later this year? This course will be live this year but may not be available live next year. It’s time to say YES to you and let go of the excuses holding you back. Now is your time!


  • How is this different from other programs? It’s the real deal. It’s simple, and powerful and based on successful outcomes that work really well for busy women wellness entrepreneurs. Plus, you get personal guidance and community that creates fast success. 


  • But I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work! How could this work for me? Most people who try everything on their own, are actually missing the most effective piece. Support! Without it, we default back to our old ways and old habits and miss the keys that actually create a new way of being. This program is designed to help you with both the support (the inner work) and the systems and strategy (the outer work) that creates lasting success from flow and ease instead of stress and hustle. 


Let’s Chat 

Investment is $6,000 $5,000 early bird rate paid in full,  for all 18 Live modules, PLUS the bonus sessions, group coaching, 1:1 coaching,  private FB group, weekly Q+A and more!