Launch WELL

Kickstart your thriving holistic wellness practice, even if you are a brand new coach, with a ready to use 6-week wellness course (that you can re-brand) and all the support you need to launch it.



A 90-day experience where you will receive:

  • A 100% done-for-you 6-week wellness program that you can rebrand as your own.

  • Learn how to fill your program online or in person and partner with other health practitioners to create clients and increase sales.

  • A proven sales system to implement your own 6-week program launch and generate income quickly.  

  • Get LIVE support and real life examples in an intimate community of other women wellness practitioners who are building their practice right along with you. You don’t need to go it alone. 

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Are you ready for a breakthrough?

I see you sister!

You’re exhausted trying to learn how to make money doing what you love and just haven’t found the right formula for success.

You may be a new health coach, life coach, or even a wellness practitioner with the passion and vision to help others in a way that feels authentic to who you are, but the fear of where to start and what to do has left you confused and paralyzed from moving forward.  

You’re trying to figure out how to gain referral partners with doctors and health practitioners, but your not sure what to say, or what to offer and get stopped at the front desk when trying to get an appointment to speak with the doctor or health practitioner. 

You’re feeling frustrated and wondering if you can even make the income you’ve heard is possible and wonder what you have gotten yourself into. 

I get it!

In 2015 I was a new NTP and health coach, and I struggled for the first year to get my practice started.

I didn’t know where to start, what to say or even how to partner with doctors and health practitioners. But I knew I could fill a gap for them and help their patients get healthy.

I had all the training and the vision, but not the right simple system.

It wasn’t enough to have clutch coupons, business cards, website or the letters after my name.

I sent hundreds of emails, personal messages and even snail mail to local doctors and never heard back.

It was so frustrating and I wondered if I even made the right decision to be a health coach and nutritional therapy practitioner.

Then I learned a simple and effective way to gain referral partners with local health practitioners, and my practice skyrocketed.

I offered a resource instead of just my services, and that changed everything.

I also learned how to take my practice online and fill my groups with a heart centered low tech way of serving. Now I can choose to serve my clients in person or online.

Today I have a thriving wellness practice and teach other wellness entrepreneurs how to do the same.  

My practice flows with joy + ease and, I do what I LOVE and help change the world in the process.



How would it feel if you had a ready-to-use 6 week curriculum to kickstart your wellness practice and bring in income TODAY? 

What if you could start enrolling your clients with a proven program to help clients create a health and lifestyle transformation. 

How would it increase your visibility and help you create a steady stream of clients by collaborating with doctors and holistic health practitioners?


In 4 years of running my wellness practice as a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and transformational health and life coach, I’ve collaborated with doctors and health practitioners to create a thriving practice using this same 6-week program.

I’ve taken my experience + secrets and created this 90-day program to teach you how to do the same.

Plus, I give you a ready to use 6-week wellness program to launch and grow your wellness practice. Even better, this 6 week wellness program is brand-able to make it yours. You can add your logo, your brand, your voice and tweak it to match your ideal client’s needs.


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When the Magic Happens

The 90-day program start dates are:

 JANUARY 2020 – APRIL 2020

Enrollment is now open for ONLY 15 women ready to launch their wellness practice

We will begin our journey January 8, 2020. 


The investment for this program is $3,497

(But you can get the early bird rate of $2,997 paid in full, by registering before December 1st)

 Use code EARLY at checkout and take $500 off!


  • Bonus for registering before November 30th include A 30-minute tech call with me.

  • Unlimited access to me daily via VOXER- THIS IS PRICELESS

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Or you can make a down payment of $500 + 3 payments of $997

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This 90-day experience is for women entrepreneurs who…

  • Are just starting out or who lead a practice and are ready to hit the ground running with a 6-week group wellness program

  • Are ready to start creating consistent $5k months with group programs as a starting point that can lead into other offers

  • Are willing to own their power, truth and authenticity so they can show up in the world and be SEEN as the powerful leaders they are, making waves of impact that change our world.

  • Want LIVE support from someone who has success with these same strategies, has built a thriving wellness practice and is willing to share all her secrets

  • Want a proven ready-to-use program so they don’t have to re-create the wheel by trying to piece-meal information into a program they are not sure even works

  • Are prepared to show up FULLY, do the work, ask for & receive support, and lean into  transformational growth process of entrepreneurship.

  • Desire to learn how to collaborate with doctors and health practitioners as referral partners to increase their client reach and offer in person and/or online group program options

  • Crave a depth of support, through group coaching, community and mentorship

  • Want to grow their business sustainably in a way that elevates their freedom and doesn’t feel depleting or exhausting

I’m ready to Chat 

What’s Included…

In 9 LIVE modules (replays are available if you miss) you will learn the entire 6-week wellness program plus:

  • Access to me in REAL time to answer all your questions

  • Access to your Launch Well Training portal, where you’ll be able to access training videos, downloadable PDFs, templates, call recordings and all other materials provided during the next 3-months will be made available to you.

  • LIVE calls in the ZOOM platform for 12 consecutive weeks.

  • Clarity on your ideal client, offers, message, direction and vision

  • 2- 1 hour personal calls with Chris over the course of the 90 days. 

  • A Private FB group to support you

  • How to edit and brand your materials

  • LIFETIME Access to the 6-week DFY group materials PLUS any new updates

  • How to create referral partners with doctors and health practitioners

  • How to run a FB group that converts to reach your ideal client and build know, like, trust.

  • How to run a conversion event to fill your group program 

  • How to talk to your referral partners and share this valuable resource as a way to serve them, and fill the gap for their patients and clients. 

  • How to create a simple and repeatable plan to grow your practice

  • How to price your group program or turn it into a 1:1 program

  • How to teach the 6-week wellness program to a group 

  • What back-end simple systems to use to grow your practice and how to set it up


You will be supported with made-for-you editable flyers, a beautiful 6-week curriculum, clarity, focus, simplicity, and all the tools to creating a thriving and sought after 6-week wellness program. 

Plus, you will get a community of support and accountability to stay inspired + motivated to create and catch your dreams. 

Purchase today at the early bird rate of $2997 

Yes, I want the early bird rate 

Or make a down payment of $500+ 3 payments of $997

I’ll take the payment plan 

Hear what clients are saying…

“This has catapulted me into the next phase of my life!” Enjoy!- MP

“Christine is AWESOME to work with!”- CG

“Before working with Chris, I was feeling like there was so much I wanted to do and so much information to assimilate that was keeping me in a “frozen” state.  Working with Christine is giving me the opportunity to learn how to step back and see by goals as specific and measurable.  I am finding it much easier to move out of overwhelm and into action.”  

“I enjoy the way she keeps me on track and focused on moving forward, celebrating every win and asking me to commit to goals that are attainable, yet feel like a bit of a stretch.  She gives me concrete examples, shares her knowledge and offers support in a variety of ways.”

“Just this week, I have scheduled 14 OTR’s, had a successful 5 day challenge, had a really great talk for a group of real estate agents and am meeting with a PT this week. I’ve enrolled 2 new clients into my 1:1 health coaching program and I am turning my fear of technology into the desire to learn.”

“She really believes in everyone that she coaches. She lifts people up and is sincere and heart centered.  It’s really important to know that Chris encourages clients to define success the way THEY want to define it and then she offers the support and accountability to get you there.” -JV


Hi, I’m Chris!

I’m a transformational coach for soulful women wellness entrepreneurs ready to create a thriving holistic wellness practice and light up the world without burning themselves out!

I help women entrepreneurs bridge the gap between vision and reality by receiving the support, real life examples, guidance, tools, & coaching to learn the best practices, master their mindset, and create thriving wellness practices that change their lives (income) and change our world (impact).

I help you turn your fears into leadership, your vision into your secret sauce, and your self-doubt into empowered action.

I know in my heart and soul that when amazing, ambitious, heart-centered women are clear on their mission and purpose, have a sustainable strategy in place, and are fully sourced and able to show up + shine doing their unique soul-aligned work, nothing can stop them.


I’m ready to Chat