Nourish and Shine is a 6-week ONLINE class designed to empower you to reclaim your health, vitality and discover a whole new way of nourishing your body and mind and set you up for living a healthy lifestyle.

Together we’ll take 1 week to set you up for success, then a 21-day break from the most common toxic trigger foods that are often at the root of so many health concerns. We’ll work on listening in to what your unique body needs (both on and off the plate) and practice a mindful approach to eating clean and energizing foods plus the lifestyle habits, routines and mindsets that keep you feeling nourished. We finish with 2 weeks to re-introduce foods properly and create the next steps to move forward in freedom.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet, and this program will help you discover a better fit for your body, and set you up for success far beyond the program. I couldn’t be more excited to help jumpstart a healthier routine!

You can participate in this program according to your needs. Come for the education, come for the mindset shifts or come for the nutritional tweaks. It’s all up to you!

The Nourish and Shine Program has helped my clients:

  • Create more energy & mental clarity

  • Release excess weight

  • Improve skin clarity

  • Reduce bloating and digestive upset

  • Identify hidden food sensitivities

  • Improve sleep quantity and quality

  • Reduce mood swings and irritability

  • Deconstruct and reduce cravings, and finally break unhealthy habits

  • Reduce stress and enjoy a happier more joyful outlook on life. 


Your Program Includes

Easy recipes, myth busting, science backed education, real life tools and techniques and a 30-minute 1-on-1 private strategy session, it’s a time to get back to basics – and to have fun doing it!

We do this in community as a way to support each other and create the inspiration, motivation and fun to create healthy changes together. 

In addition to the 30-Minute Private Strategy Session with me via phone or Skype, the Real Food Reset also includes:

  • My Nourishing Tables Recipe guide with includes over 80 pages of original FAST & EASY Recipes. 

  • A Complete Program Guide

  • A Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire at the beginning and at the end to measure your progress. 

  • Weekly handouts and easy action steps to move the needle forward consistently 

  • Motivation Emails to keep you going strong

  • 5 Complete Smoothie Recipes and a fail proof DIY smoothie formula

  • My Magic Snacks on the go eating guide

  • 6 Live Classes to meet you where you are and answer all your questions in real time.

  • Access to a private RESET Facebook group for daily support and accountability

  • All recipes are gluten-free & optional dairy-free 

You can participate in the educational component, the clean eating component or both. I meet you where you are and support your goals for your personal health and wellness. 

Your investment is $497.

The next class Starts July 1, 2019 at 6:00pm EST.

All classes with be recorded so if you miss one you can catch the replay.

Space is limited so register today.

join the real food reset 

Once registered, you will be emailed your materials and the link for the online classes.