Ready for a RESTART to get back to feeling your BEST with Real Food? 

  • Have you been worried about the aches, pains and foggy headed feeling lately?

  • Have you been told by your doctor that you need to start watching those A1C numbers and get a handle on your blood sugar?

  • Have you been steadily gaining weight and just aren’t sure where to start or what to eat with all the conflicting information out there?

  • Are you feeling low energy and low confidence that you can actually make a difference in how you feel?


Then you’re in the right place!


Join Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Health and Life Coach Christine Williams for the next RESTART class. 


Registration is now CLOSED check back this fall for the next class or contact Christine to go through this program in a personal 1-1 format. 


Only $397 for 5 weeks of Real Education, Real Food and Real Support

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A 5-week Real Food Education

This is a class that teaches you how and why real food is the best way to obtain optimal health and boosts your energy. This is not another diet or detox program, but a nutritional education class with a 21-day real food challenge built right in, empowering you to take charge of your own health and wellness in a small group with support and accountability. Let’s break free of the diet mentality and create a healthy mindset for a lifestyle of optimal health and wellness.


  • Are you tired of “diets” that don’t work and those darn sugar and carb cravings?

  • Want to learn what works for your body instead of the confusing advice out there on what to eat?

  • Want to get back on track and eat real whole nutrient dense foods that leave you feeling energized rather than exhausted, anxious or depleted?

If you want a program to help you get back to REAL whole foods that are healthy and delicious without feeling deprived, this is for you!


What are clients saying?

The RESTART Program was quite an eye-opening course. It was very informative regarding nutritional aspects of food and cooking methods and it definitely helped open my eyes to things that I should have been paying attention to all along, especially sugar intake and how to tackle sugar cravings. I noticed an overhaul in my awareness of sugar and my cravings and there has been a definite gain of control in that area, late night sugar cravings and eating airheads are a thing of the past now. It reset my palate in the sense that I actually taste things differently and am much more mindful of the substances I allow in my body. There was a lot of valuable information that I was also able to pass along to others including my family. I even grocery shop in different places and with a completely different viewpoint than before. I would definitely recommend this as a step towards gaining a healthier diet, reducing sugar cravings and feeling more energetic. Thanks Christine! 

-Dr. Tyler

“Thanks so much for this program!  I have gotten so much improvement in my health, it’s just unbelievable.  These behavior changes came easily to me when following the Restart program:”

 I no longer crave sweets and soft drinks

 I’ve learned to enjoy drinking water

I actually look forward to my trips to the Y, I really miss going when I can’t get there

 My food cravings moved away from junk, to more healthy foods

 I actually cook some of my food now, instead of always eating out, and I’m saving money as a result.

Because of my learned behaviors, I have seen amazing results:

  •   I have lost weight.  I am having to buy new clothes
  •   My daily sugar checks are now within the normal range
  •   I just got my A1C test results back, they have shown significant   improvement,  my doctor is amazed
  •  I was concerned that my cholesterol readings would go up, because I’m eating eggs – but they went down
  •  I, along with my doctor, plan to start reducing my medication
  •  I have gained a lot more flexibility
  •  I was having some joint pain, it’s completely gone

 “Thanks again for this incredible program.  I have recommended it to many of my friends.”- Rocky


All your materials

Program Binder

Whole Foods Recipe Book

1-hour Private Health Consultation with Christine

Private FB group access and more…


SPACE IS LIMITED so register today:

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  • Learn how to kick those sugar and carb cravings to the curb

  • learn what healthy eating is and isn’t

  • breakout of the “diet” mentality

  • increase your energy

  • reduce inflammation

  • lose the brain fog

  • feel confident in your food choices

  • eat healthy delicious food the whole family will love

  • learn which foods work for your body

  • eat for nourishment, not deprivation

  • No diet pills, shakes, powders or crazy ingredients- Just real whole food

  • be part of the tribe and get support and accountability with other real people who want to make a real change 


Get personal support from Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach and WAPF Chapter Leader Christine Williams with a 1-hour coaching session. 


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What are real clients saying about the program and working with Christine?

“I feel healthier and happier with what I am putting into my body. Thank you for your compassion and support, your knowledge and encouragement is amazing”- Allison

“I think the group program is the way to go. Chris is an angel, and so down to earth.” -Gina


This class is SO totally worth your time. The support I received from Chris and the other participants made all the difference. I have NO sugar cravings and I sleep so very well! Enjoy the class and remember to NOTICE”- Anna

Are you ready to Eat better to Feel Better?

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