Ditch the overwhelm and get back to radical self-care so you can be the energized leader your business and family need.

Sacred Self-Care Program For Women Who Lead

A 6-week Breakthrough Program  for women who want to feel beautiful in their strength, confident in their life and embrace their true vitality

We cannot continue caring for others effectively, passionately, and wisely without first caring for ourselves.

The next group starts Monday February 4, 6:30pm-8:00pm Online.

(a replay will be available to watch if you miss the live session)

Join the self-care revolution and embrace your vitality!

Space is limited to just 10 women, so grab your spot today.

Only $397 (a $700 value)

Plus a BONUS-60 minute personal 1-1 call with me when you enroll by January 15th, 2019



When Was The Last Time You Had Time For You?

Time to focus on you, your big dreams, your health, your ideal lifestyle?

The biggest luxury in your life is time — and while I can’t give you more, I can give you a clearly defined container to step into, designed with ample support and transformative experiences. A place to start tuning into what wants to be nourished in you so you can be the energetic confident leader your business and family need. 

Self-Compassion, Healing, Rest, Tenderness, Kindness, Empathy, Nourishment

It’s time for a self care revolution. We have a collective wound to heal. It’s a wound made silent by our culture, the media, and our misinterpretations of success. We’ve been told that self care is a privilege, selfish, shameful, indulgent, inappropriate, expensive, luxurious, or otherwise lazy. We’ve convinced ourselves that we “have to” keep pushing until we are utterly exhausted, that we “should” keep moving through life at breakneck pace, or else we’ll fall behind, be forgotten, and never achieve our dreams. I practice, write about, and explore the value of self care for myself as much as anyone else because I too fall into this trap time and time again. And I know I am not alone. It’s not sustainable. It’s not healthy. It’s not the legacy we want to leave.

For 6 weeks, you will experience lifestyle practices to nourish your body, mind, heart and soul; setting up new routines to eat, move and live for energy, confidence and vitality. 

You will experience:

Group Deep Dive Coaching Sessions

Fellowship and connection with other amazing women

Getting back to the 5 essentials of Sacred Self-Care using my S.H.I.N.E approach

  • Sleep
  • Honoring inner and outer boundaries 
  • Intentional quiet time
  • Nourishing foods
  • Experience nature and movement

(These are essentials that I return to over and over again to help me reset and refocus so I can lead with energy and vitality. They have worked for me, and I know they will work for you too.) 

A Private FB group

Weekly FB lives with Chris to build upon the previous session, clarify any questions and move you through any stuck places.

My top tips and handouts

Support and accountability

Inspiration and motivation


By the end of the 6 weeks you will walk away with a renewed sense of what living a vital life and self-care looks like for you.

New routines for morning and evenings to help you be present and productive, sleep better, give your racing mind a rest.

A better understanding of what fueling your body for energy, finding your happy weight and balancing your emotions looks like. (no more stress eating, binge eating or deprivation)

Engaging in movement that you actually like to do and can stick with

Reconnect with nature, and with yourself, so you can operate from a place of pure alignment with your purpose and desires.

A simple plan that is specific to you to keep up your self-care essentials in a way that fits in the context of your life, without putting your needs last.

Imagine the freedom, peace and confidence you will gain when you get back to basics, keep it simple and allow yourself to SHINE. 


It’s Your Time!


Join me starting Monday February 4, 6:30-8:00pm  Online.

Join the self-care revolution and live nourished, happy and free!

Space is limited to just 10 women, so grab your spot today.

Only $397 ($700 Value)

Plus a BONUS-60 minute personal 1-1 call with me when you enroll by January 15th, 2019